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Technique and technology disintegration

Development of technology and technology of grinding and enrichment

The company develops technology associated with all aspects of the processes of crushing, grinding and disintegration, as well as the creation of original mineral processing technologies.


A number of fundamentally new types of machines are presented on the market, on the basis of which unique technologies of grinding and enrichment have been developed.

First of all, it is:


  • development and production of single-drum mills of cantilever type for primary crushing-grinding with a capacity of up to 2000 tons / hour;
  • development and manufacture of heel linings and grilles of the original design in order to increase productivity (by 30-80%) and reduce energy consumption (by 30-50%);
  • development and production of planetary mills of periodic action for the production of thin, ultrathin and nanopowders for laboratory and industrial purposes;
  • development and production of continuous planetary mills with a capacity of up to 500 tons per hour to replace ball mills in the mining, metallurgical, chemical, construction, pharmacological, food, agricultural and other industries;
  • development and manufacture of centrifugal hydraulic disintegrators (centrifugal scrubbers) for erosion of clay rocks, clay-containing building sands and other materials;
  • evaluation of the grindability and enrichment of gold and diamond bearing and other ores using a continuous pilot plant with a capacity of up to 300 kg / h.

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The main developer of equipment and technologies is Technics and Disintegration Technology, which is structurally part of the Rusredmet group of companies. The equipment is manufactured at the Rusredmet production facilities.

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