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The polymer

One of the specializations of our company is the production of polymer equipment for various industries and laboratory equipment, which is distinguished by durability and chemical resistance.
Our production successfully used in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, in the field of electroplating and many other industries



Universal material with high strength and resistance to aggressive influences, is stainless steel.
This raw material has all the necessary properties for the manufacture of equipment of the capacitive type. which is actively used in various industries


from polypropylene

Light and plastic material for many years will provide effective ventilation for residential and commercial objects. Taking into account the scale of the object, with the help of polypropylene ventilation, you can always create the best conditions for removing exhaust air with gases, the influx of fresh air


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When cost-effectiveness, ease of applying a decorative or protective coating on the surface of metal products and its durability and durability are equally important, you should purchase high-quality electroplating equipment. With his participation, chrome plating and copper plating, silvering and nickel plating will turn into a very profitable business.


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