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One of the activities of the company “Rusredmet” is the development of technologies:


  • processing of rare-metal concentrates;
  • new schemes of solvent extraction for the production of high-purity compounds of rare, rare-earth and non-   ferrous metals;
  • different methods of emission control from harmful chemicals such as gaseous chlorine, hydrogen chloride,   hydrogen fluoride, nitrogen oxides, vapors of nitric and sulfuric acids, ammonia, hydrocarbons and other   organic substances of various productions;
  • the liquid wastes purification from ammonia, heavy metal salts and organic impurity (hydrocarbons, fuels and   lubricants), including recovery of valuable components and solid waste of rare metal and non-ferrous metal   productions of chemical industries;
  • the regeneration of acids and other valuable components involved in the production process.


To perform these types of work, in the structure of the company there is a good research complex in two modern laboratories: technological and analytical.


The equipment of the technological laboratory makes it possible to conduct research in almost all classes of hydrometallurgical processes.


The laboratory is equipped with an solvent extraction cascade (more than 300 cells of the mixer-settler type), columns for ion-exchange sorption with a fixed bed, various types of tanks from polypropylene and fluoroplastic with mixer and without it in the volume 0.01 ÷ 20.0 m3, nutsche filters with filtration  surface area from 0.006 m2 to 1.0 m2, sedimentation centrifuges, drying and calcinating equipment, etc.


We offer you to watch our film about the work of our technologists, where some samples of equipment produced by us are visually presented.

The processes of creating new technologies and perfection existing technologies are provided by qualified analytical assistance.


The own analytical laboratory in the company’s structure is fitted with the modern equipment. Our experts are capable of performing the full range of analyses both for monitoring and managing current technology and in high-purity finished products using modern physical and chemical methods of analysis: photocolorimetric, volumetric, spectrochemical, potentiometric, atomic absorption spectrometry, mass spectrometry, ionometry, etc.

Some recent developments:

  • The technology of recovery of TREO from solvent extraction phosphoric acid during processing of apatite concentrate by sulfuric acid method. The input data was prepared and the technological part of the project was executed. The customer: OAO “Ammofos” (group “PhosAgro”);
  • The technology of solvent extraction of REE from large-tonnage waste of producing of mineral fertilizers – phosphogypsum;
  • The scheme of nitrogen-fluoride processing of loparite concentrate for production of tantalum pentoxide, niobium pentoxide, titanium dioxide and the sum of rare-earth metal;
  • The tantalum powder technology of condenser quality from potassium fluorotantalate, tantalum pentoxide and metallic tantalum powders;
  • The technology of the separation of niobium and tantalum oxides from the columbite-tantalite concentrate (coltan) for the Angarsk ECC (RosAtom);
  • The technology of the separation of niobium, tantalum and REE oxides from the columbite concentrate of the Zashihinsky deposite (customer ZAO Technoinvest Alliance);
  • The technology of processing polishing wastes of permanent magnets (neodymium-iron-boron) to produce high-purity oxide and metallic neodymium;
  • The technology for solvent co-extraction of TREO at the nitric-acid processing of apatite. The technology of subsequent purification of the phosphatic rare-earth concentrate and its solvent extraction separation. The samples of particular REEs had been developed. The input data for engineering of pilot-industrial production was prepared. The customer: OAO Acron;
  • The recovery of valuable components from ores of the Tomtor deposite (commissioned by FGUP “VIMS”);
  • The technological part of the project of solvent extraction of iron from hydrochloric acid solutions was completed and the main equipment was produced. The customer “Syrymbet” Kazakhstan;
  • The technological part for the hydrochloric acid attenuating station for drill rigs. The customer: Rosneft;
  • The technology of solvent extraction of molybdenum from catalysts and ore concentrate;
  • The extraction equipment for the recovery of platinoids has been developed and produced;
  • A technology for solvent extraction scavenge of technical phosphoric acid by a new extractant has been designed and produced;
  • The industrial extraction equipment for solvent extraction of iron from hydrochloric acid solutions by 100% TBF was designed and introduced;
  • The technology for processing the stillage residue of the Solikamsk Magnesium Plant to produce oxides of tantalum, niobium, and wolframium

Project and engineering works

Project office of the company, manned by graduates of the Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University), etc., is engaged in the development of project solutions:


  • hydrometallurgical productions;
  • sites for purification of ventilation emissions of various productions from harmful chemicals to extract valuable components;
  • sites for the sanitary gas cleaning;
  • sites for liquid waste treatment and  recovery of valuable components and solid waste of rare metal and non-ferrous metal productions.


Recently, the company’s Project and engineering office has completed:


  •  the engineering of a hydrometallurgical method for the solvent extraction of copper, rhenium and silver from the poor ores of the Zhezkazgan deposite (Kazakhstan);
  • the project for obtaining REE from apatite (Cherepovets, PhosAgro);
  • offered a number of decisions for the production of scandium from red mud (Rusal),
  • copper production on a universal hydrometallurgical facilities (TOO Kazgidromed, Kazakhstan);
  • works on comparative economic characteristics of various technological schemes for obtaining REE from phosphogypsum (Sredneuralsky copper smelting plant); from monocyte (TriArc Mining)


The specialists of the company also elaborate project documents for non-standard equipment.


A film about the construction of an pilot-industrial production for the separation of REE from apatite.

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