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About company

“RUSREDMET” is a modern production and research complex, which allows to solve the following tasks in various areas of industry:


  • development of chemical-technological processes in the field of processing of various types of raw materials, including industrial wastes, with the release of target components, including rare and rare-earth elements;
  •  laboratory and pilot tests of various technological schemes in the field of hydrometallurgy;
  • preparation of baseline data for the design of production;
  • development of design documentation for non-standard equipment used in the chemical industry;
  • manufacture of chemical processing equipment (extraction, sorption, tank, filtering, ventilation, laboratory, electroplating, gas cleaning equipment, etc.);
  • implementation of integrated design of production (installations);
  • performance of technical and economic calculations, etc.

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The engineering chemical-technological center “Rusredmet” has been operating in the market since 1998.

Initially, the company’s employees were engaged in the technological problems of processing loparite concentrate to produce tantalum, niobium and rare-earth element concentrates (REE).

In 2000, the company organizes its design office and starts producing equipment from polymers and metals. We currently produce over 500 pieces of equipment per year.

The total amount of equipment designed and manufactured by the company in 2014–2016 exceeds 2000 units.

In 2011, the company joined SRO and received permission to design various hydrometallurgical production facilities.

Today, the company in the environment of hydrometallurgy can comprehensively solve any problem: from the development of technology to the start of production.

Our advantages

  • the presence in the staff of technologists with extensive practical experience who are ready to provide all kinds of consulting support in choosing equipment;
  • experience with large capacity tanks;
  • complex deliveries;
  • compliance with European quality and reliability standards;
  • individual approach;
  • own design office, developing documentation in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Any questions?

Specialists of the Rusredmet company are ready to provide you with advisory assistance in the selection  of equipment, as well as on other issues you are interested in. 

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Rusredmet is a modern production and research complex, allowing to solve many problems in various industries.

The company has technologists with extensive practical experience, who are ready to provide full-fledged consulting support when choosing equipment, as well as their own design office, which develops documentation in accordance with the wishes of the customer.




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