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Metal equipment

IСTC “RUSREDMET” process the equipment from stainless steel, characterized by durability and chemical resistance, for the chemical industry and laboratory activities. Our production is successfully used in chemical industries, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the galvanics, in the process of cosmetics and household chemicals, as a chemical laboratory equipment, etc.


The most mass material for production is stainless steel, which exhibits all necessary properties for the produce of tank equipment. The durability and increased resistance to aggressive action make stainless steel a universal raw material.

Advantages of stainless steel equipment:


  • high chemical resistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • Increased durability;
  • long term operation;
  • technological effectiveness in use;
  • the ability of operations with high-purity products and their synthesis.

Equipment for chemical industry

You can order both units of equipment and technological functional units, completed with various types of auxiliaries and control devices (centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, peristaltic pumps, stop valves, sensors and fans). We accept orders for industrial types of devices and equipment for chemical laboratories. It is possible to project and production technological sites for various types of equipment.

Advantages of cooperation with Rusredmet

  •  Experience in producing tanks of different volumes;
  •  complex deliveries;
  •  the compliance with standards of European quality and reliability;
  •  the own Project and engineering office, which producting documentation according to the wishes of the customer;
  •  the individual approach

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Specialists of the Rusredmet company are ready to provide you with advisory assistance in the selection  of equipment, as well as on other issues you are interested in. 

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Rusredmet is a modern production and research complex, allowing to solve many problems in various industries.

The company has technologists with extensive practical experience, who are ready to provide full-fledged consulting support when choosing equipment, as well as their own design office, which develops documentation in accordance with the wishes of the customer.




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