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Scientific papers and contributions of ours experts – Rusredmet

YU.G. Glushchenko, A.V. Nechaev, D.I. Belov

REE: Development of chemical technology equipment. Industrial implementation

YU.G. Glushchenko, A.V. Nechaev, E.G. Polyakov, B.V. Levin

Extraction of  REE from the wet-process phosphoric acid in the highlight of their production and consumption

YU. G. Glushchenko, E.G. Polyakov, A.V. Nechaev, F.D. Larichkin

The main trends of the world REE production and consumption. Chinese experience

YU.G. Glushchenko, F.D. Larichkin, A.G. Vorob’ev, V.N. Perein, T.E. Alieva

Analysis of futures and choice of methodology for ecological and economic evaluation of complex usage of mineral resources

YU.G. Glushchenko, F.D. Larichkin, A.G. Vorob’ev, V.N. Perein, B.S. Hamzin

Hinderings and contradictions of methodology for raw sources conditions assessment of complex ores deposits and ways to overcome it

YU.G. Glushchenko, F.D. Larichkin, A.G. Vorob’ev, V.D. Novosel’ceva, T.E. Alieva

Choice of method for optimization of the complex processing of mineral raw materials

A.V. Nechaev

Innovation technology of high-pure tantalum by magnesium reduction

S.V. SHestakov, A.B. Kozyrev, A.V. Nechaev, A.S. Sibilev

SX and purification of cerium from rare earth concentrate 

YU.G. Glushchenko, F.D. Larichkin, A.S. Sibilev

Recycling of neodymium from the polishing wastes of magnets production

YU.G. Glushchenko, F.D. Larichkin, B.V. Levin

Modern state, trends and changes in production and consumption of rare earths both in Russia and the rest world

YU.G. Glushchenko, A.B. Kozyrev, F.D. Larichkin

Rare earths recovery from phosphogypsum and its feasibility viewing

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YU.G. Glushchenko, F.D. Larichkin, A.E. CHerepovicyn, V.D. Novosel’ceva

Environment and economic problems and outlook for efficient usage of mineral raw materials

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