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Ventilation from polypropylene

Since most industrial facilities need to be equipped with efficient air supply systems, polypropylene ventilation has been widely used.  With its help, TB, observed fresh inflow is provided, exhaust air is exhausted with gases.


Lightweight and ductile material for many years will provide effective ventilation for residential and commercial purposes.  Taking into account the scale of the object, it is always possible to create the best conditions for venting the exhaust air with gases, inflow of fresh medium with the help of polypropylene ventilation to ensure the proper operation of the personnel, the functioning of certain equipment.

Тhe advantages of plastic ventilation

  • maintenance of a necessary level of cleanliness of air in premises of any purpose;
  • high level of resistance to corrosion processes, fungus formation;
  • effective isolation from noise;
  • installation in the most inconvenient places (good material flexibility);
  • fast, convenient, low-cost installation;
  • neutrality to direct sun rays, sharp changes in temperature conditions;
  • resistance to chemical processes.


The ventilation systems of any complexity are made by specialists. who take into account the features of the facility, the requirements of the client, determine the feasibility of the project.  After manufacturing the products, it can be installed by the craftsmen, taking into account further maintenance and providing a guarantee.

In the office buildings,the industrial and residential buildings, it is increasingly possible to meet ventilation from polypropylene, which does not require expensive maintenance, costs several times cheaper (manufacturing, installation) of most analogues, is reliable and can serve for decades, effectively coping with the goals and objectives.

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