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Extraction Equipment

Laboratory Extractor – an equipment for liquid extraction, which is one of the main types of operations with non-ferrous metals and other solutions (extraction, high purification, concentration) in hydrometallurgical production. In the chemical and technological center of “RusRedMet”are, interested customers can purchase equipment for extraction of industrial and laboratory purposes of the required parameters, order the development of extraction technologies and thematic equipment.

«RUSREDMET» company is specializes in the following activities:

  • the study of new technologies for extraction of metals;
  • development of production schemes for the production of metals by extraction method (99-99.95% of the content of the main valuable component);
  • Determination of parameters necessary for developing extractors for delamination of emulsions and mass transfer on bench equipment;
  • design and manufacture of profile equipment of various types:
    • laboratory up to 1.5 l / h,
    • pilot (experienced) to 30 l / h,
    • industrial,
    • Multistage laboratory plants for continuous extraction.

Extraction equipment for extraction / separation of rare and rare-earth elements

The enterprise accepts orders for development of design documentation and production of extraction equipment for laboratory and industrial purposes.


Turning to our specialists, you can:

  • to order and to purchase a mixer-settler extractor with a mechanical stirring device.


The material for the production is polypropylene. Geometric volume of horizontal mixers (settling tanks) – up to 12m3, capacity – up to 40 cubic meters per hour. (by summation of phases).

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Specialists of the Rusredmet company are ready to provide you with advisory assistance in the selection  of equipment, as well as on other issues you are interested in. 

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