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Apparatus for carrying out absorption processes

In the modern industry, the equipment for gas purification and absorption processes is increasingly being used. Such technologies are used both to eliminate toxic substances from gaseous emissions, and to precipitate and use valuable elements in the new production cycle.


Various absorbers, including the so-called wet scrubber, can be effectively used even with a small content of substances to be withdrawn (from 1%).

In "RUSREDMET" company you can order the absorber:

  • packed (with fiberglass, block and other types of nozzles), column-type plate, with discontinuous sieve trays, hollow column spraying type (the parameters of the first three positions of the absorbers are H = 800 / 15000mm, D = 100-1400mm);
  • The bubble column bowl type or in the form of a water seal.
  • Bubbling absorbers in the form of a water seal and disk-type bubble column absorbers;
  • hollow spraying absorbers in the form of a column with a diameter of 100 to 1400 mm and a height of 800 to 15000 mm.


To order a wet scrubber or adsorber of a different type, the documentation should be directed to the “RUSREDMET”company, which the reflects all the information necessary for the development of equipment: a technical design or a technical specification of an extended type. If it is difficult for you to understand the design features of the devices yourself, we recommend filling out the questionnaire, and our specialists will select or develop equipment that exactly matches the required parameters at an affordable price.


Also we produce columnar multi-section shelf adsorbers (D = 10-1400mm, H = 800-10000mm), periodic loading. Of particular interest to the enterprise are devices that combine the adsorption and desorption stages in a single package. In addition, we offer to purchase sorption columns.

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