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The polymer equipment

“Rusredmet” is a manufacturer of strength and chemically resistant polymer equipment for various industries and laboratories.
Our products are successfully used in chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, in the aspect of electroplating, in the manufacture of cosmetics and household chemicals, as the chemical laboratory equipment, etc.

Polypropylene is the optimal material for chemical equipment

This equipment is made of polypropylene of following brands:


  • “AGRU” (Austria),
  • “Röchling Engineering Plastics” (Germany),
  • “SIMONA AG” (Germany).


Increased resistance to aggressive influences and strength make polypropylene a universal raw material.

Types of polypropylene equipment

Tanks (polypropylene
tanks for acid)

Capacities from polypropylene of various shapes, with volumes from 25 to 20,000 liters, intended for the preparation and / or storage of liquids, both neutral and characterized by chemical aggression,
in temperature
range + 10 ° -100 ° С

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Filtration Apparatus draft. Night filters, work under vacuum and made from thick-walled polypropylene pipes. Filter presses possess greater surface area filtering and consist of slabs with grooved surfaces


(tanks with mixing)

Vertical apparatus with stirrer mechanical type or reactor, used in chemical and other manufacturing industries for mixing liquids successful implementation of many technological operations and improve product quality


for extraction

Industrial equipment laboratory supplies for carrying out liquid extraction, which is one of the main types of operations with non-ferrous metals and other solutions in hydrometallurgical production

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Equipment for
gas cleaning

Used to eliminate toxic substances from gaseous emissions, for precipitation and use in the new production cycle of valuable elements, as well as low content subject to removal of substances (from 1%)



Polypropylene containers used for sorption methods of extraction, separation, purification and concentration of rare metals and other substances based on the use of ion exchange processes between ion exchanger and solution, containing the necessary components


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