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Galvanic Equipment

When cost-effectiveness, ease of applying a decorative or protective coating on the surface of metal products and its durability and durability are equally important, you should purchase high-quality electroplating equipment. With his participation, chrome plating and copper plating, silvering and nickel plating will turn into a very profitable business. The most popular equipment today are:


  • bath for electroplating,
  • drums / rotors,
  • galvanic lines,
  • various additional equipment.


These units are intended for immersion in the working solution of metal blanks located in them. This means further galvanic processing. There are drying units, baths for degreasing, anodizing, pickling, preparatory and finishing works, etc. There are installations with manual and automatic feeding. All the products on offer meet modern requirements for electrical and waterproofing, have air and electricity supply systems, and provide full access to products. Most often, baths are made of chemically inert plastic, which has an additional opening.


If it is planned to process large batches of products, then galvanic lines will help both speed up the process and automate it to the maximum. These industrial installations are a group of baths, equipped with special conveyors and manipulators.

Rotary installation is usually used in the processing of small products. Very much of it is purchased for processing hardware. Externally, the installation is shaped like a drum and is a closed bath equipped with an electric drive.

Optional equipment

  • automatic feed systems,
  • regeneration systems, filtration of the working solution,
  • ventilation systems and pre-filtration of water,
  • installations for the supply and automatic dosing of reagents used.

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